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VINCE McMAHON: To Approach, or Not To Approach- That is the Question


Vince McMahon – large and in charge [Photo courtesy of]

Ring announcer and professional wrestler Ricardo Rodriquez worked in the WWE system from 2010 until 2014. During his time with the company, he was a witness to a lot of happenings behind the scenes and he had many fascinating stories to share about Vince, in particular, in his highly recommended interview with RF Video in 2014:

“[Vince is] still the boss. You just have to find an elegant way to approach him.

Vince, to us, was amazing and he helped me out a lot. Granted, if for whatever reason the segment before us pissed him off, there goes the rest of the show for the rest of the guys because now he’s upset. So now, any little bad thing that [you] do, [you’re] going to get the bad end of it, as well.

Of course, depending on the mood he was in, for the most part, he was very supportive and he would always help us out.”


Curtis Axel, while being ‘Better than Perfect’, was he man enough to stand up to his boss? [Photo courtesy of The Sportster]

Rodriquez continued with a really good story on Curtis Axel (then known as Michael McGillicutty), the son of legendary wrestler, “Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig:

“Vince likes it when you stand up for yourself. I remember one instance, specifically. We used to have promo class with Vince. I remember this one because I was brand new, so I just stood off to the corner by myself quietly and watched.

[Vince] kept walking by McGillicutty. Curtis Axel had his foot out and Vince would just step on his foot on purpose and keep walking. He’d keep talking and walking, come back, step on his foot, boom, keep walking and talking, step on his foot again, repeat…

Eventually, [Vince] just turned around and was like, ‘Aren’t you going to say anything?’

McGillicutty was just like, ‘Sorry, sir.’

Vince was like, ‘No, no, no, no. You don’t know what I’m doing! I’m stepping on your foot on purpose as I want you to say something. I’m waiting for you to stand up for yourself.’

Vince likes it when you have a problem, you address it. He doesn’t like it when you become a little bitch. Vince would just do that on purpose. He would step on your foot just to see if you would do something.

Now, with this new office, the more that you stand up for yourself, the worse it is for you because they don’t want that [especially when it comes to money].”


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