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VINCE McMAHON: To Approach, or Not To Approach- That is the Question

Author: J Zarka


Would you be intimidated if this man were your boss? [Vince McMahon photo courtesy of Muscle & Fitness magazine]

 As the story goes, when you stand up to Vince, he respects you for it. So why are so many people in the business intimidated by him?

Sasha Banks, Ricardo Rodriguez and Chris Jericho share their insights on why.

We have all had the experience of working for an intimidating boss in the past. Perhaps the intimidation came from them having a superiority complex where they had a tendency to be edgy by nature or loved screaming and shouting at others to motivate or get things done. On the same token, maybe the intimidation came from them being no-nonsense and controlling, using threats and throwing commands around, running the show like they are running a criminal gang. Or maybe they were just the kind of boss that always had their door closed, never approachable or available to you or others. Whatever the case may be, bosses like this have a sizeable (and often negative) effect on their employees.

Take for instance: Vince McMahon. Judging by the above image, he is a no nonsense man. I mean, come on, look at the way he brandishes that chain across his broad shoulders and chest. THIS MAN IS IN CHARGE! After all, he is the one who shaped mainstream professional wrestling into what it is today. He has been a constant, prominent presence to the viewing audience for more than thirty years. Not to mention, he’s Vince motherfucking McMahon. This comes with an intimidation factor of over one million!

Despite being the most powerful man in professional wrestling, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, New Day and Dean Ambrose have all said that Vince is a man who not only respects those who are aren’t afraid to approach him and get in his ear about things, he welcomes it. He also very much respects those who have no problem standing up for themselves to him, too. Even with this being known, there are very few people in and out of WWE who have the gumption to approach him and say, “Let’s try it this way, instead.”

On the November 2nd, 2016 edition of Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Sasha Banks shared some revealing thoughts on what her relationship was like with Vince:

“[Vince] is Granddaddy and Hunter is Papa. I don’t really get to talk to [Vince] too often because I am, quite honestly, very scared of him. I am honestly very scared of him. When he walks by, I try to be cool. ‘Hello, how are you, sir?’

It’s mostly Papa Hunter who I talk to. I’ve known him since NXT. He helped me and has seen me since I was a nobody, so he’s my go-to guy if I ever need help or have questions.”

The interesting thing here is we have one of the most over wrestlers at the moment, currently headlining Raw and pay-per-views in championship matches, yet she is afraid to approach her boss, Vince because she is scared of him.


Sasha Banks has come out and said she is afraid of her boss, Vince McMahon [Photo courtesy of]

Despite a lot of the newer wrestlers who have come up through the FCW or NXT developmental system feeling more comfortable approaching Triple H, Vince is still very much 100% in control of the product.


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