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‘Blood Galore’ – The Crazy, Brutal Scissor Fight Between SID VICIOUS and ARN ANDERSON


Arn Anderson, Sid Eudy and their favorite weapon of choice.

When you spend long hours on the road mixed in with little sleep and plenty of beer, tempers are bound to flare. On one fateful night in October 1993, Sid Vicious and Arn Anderson got into a heated argument at their hotel bar while in Germany on tour. It started off innocent enough with a few of the guys from WCW sharing some beers after a long journey on the road. This camaraderie would not last long and it soon led into one of the most brutal shoot fights that ever happened on the road. Words were exchanged and a few beers were thrown after Anderson overheard Sid insulting his friend, Ric Flair. Calmer heads prevailed and both men returned to their hotel rooms. After stewing over the events of the past few minutes, Sid decided to go back to Anderson’s room to settle the argument. This is when he (allegedly) hit Anderson over the head with a hotel chair leg when Arn answered the door. The two ended up spilling into the hallway where a vicious, bloody assault ensued involving a pair of scissors. The result was not pretty.

NSFW Warning An expletive-filled story awaits. If you’re at work or around kids, save this for later. If curse words offend you, here is a website that might be better suited for you!


“We flew, whatever it was, seven, eight, or nine hours across the country. We got on a bus, wrestled, drove nine more hours ’til 6 in the morning, got off the bus and went to bed because we partied on the bus all night. Arn, Sid and a couple of the other guys went to the bar after the bus and that’s when it all happened. I wasn’t there, but it was a real unfortunate thing, man. It was bad.”


“We go over there and fly into Frankfurt, Germany. We drove three hours, got to the show, just off the airplane, and did the show. After the show, we had a three or four-hour drive, maybe even five, back to the hotel where we were staying at out of Frankfurt. Everyone was off the bus, taking a few pills, having a few drinks…”


“If I was asked to get on the stand and testify, I would blame that one on the company because we flew over there, eight or nine-hour flight, got off the plane, traveled about two and a half, three hours, got off the bus and wrestled. And then back on the bus and traveled another ten to twelve hours to get to where we were going. It was just ludicrous! I mean, they should have got us off the plane, wrestled, went to bed and then skipped a day. Know what I’m saying? Skipped a day and stayed over there. We’re talking about there was beer, the food ran out and everybody was drinking. By the time we got off ten hours later, we’re talking after an eight-hour plane ride, a two and a half hour trip, fighting and a ten-hour bus ride back, the guys were frazzled and worn.”


“I’ll tell you exactly what happened. We were in a bar and I was just waiting for food, and we’re all at a table drinking…”


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  • Ray Hopkins

    The Horsemen were good for like a year or two a decade before anybody was born but by the 90’s we didn’t want that crap.

    Ric Flair held everybody down so they all went and blossomed in other organizations then WCW would scramble to get them back.

    Arn asked why WCW wasn’t drawing money and Sid gave him a truthful answer and Arn couldn’t handle the truth because he knows without sucking Flair’s ass Arn Anderson would be no more remembered than Phil Hickerson down in Memphis who was better than Anderson so Arn tried acting like some tough guy with a beer bottle defending his wife’s honor and got exactly what he deserved

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