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Published on October 4th, 2015 | by Pro Wrestling Stories


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Last night, Pro Wrestling Stories had the honor and privilege of hosting a Reddit AMA (‘Ask Me Anything’) session with the great, Savio Vega! Over 300 questions were asked to the Puerto Rican veteran of the ring and Savio held nothing back. He provided heartfelt answers to everyone that he could, and for one fan aptly named ‘SavioVegaGuy’, Savio gave him his moment to shine, finally answering a question that has been building up for over a year.

Savio Vega broke the internet last night on #SavioVegaDay on Reddit. Relive all of the great moments from his AMA below!

If you’d like to hear the AUDIO of this AMA, click here!

“The World Needs to Know About SAVIO VEGA!”

ProWrestlingStories.com Presents: THE Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ Session

Savio Vega:

Hello Wreddit, I am Savio Vega and I will be taking your questions from 5PM ET. Thank you very much and it’s a pleasure for me to be here with you guys, and of course, the world needs to know about Savio Vega!

I want to thank /u/broken_beat and his website Pro Wrestling Stories (@pws_official on Twitter) for setting this up today. /u/broken_beat will be transcribing my answers by phone.

If you want to get in touch with me on Twitter it is @SavioVega . On Facebook, I got three pages. Two with a lion picture (here and here) and Savio Vega(Official fan page) .

I look forward to talking to you all. Ask me anything!

SavioVegaGuy asks: 

“Hi Savio,

Over the years, a wrestler’s ring attire has helped give a glimpse of their personality as they compete. Steve Austin was no frills and wore trunks, boots, and kicked ass. The Undertaker dressed up as Count Creepy and wore primarily black. Shawn Michaels dressed as an effeminate male stripper (what up /u/uptomyknees). These are among the many performers who let their personalities out through what they wore.

For yourself, the most iconic gear you wore was the black pants and red shirt with the stripes (it’s even getting immortalized in WWE 2K16). During that time, that gear stood out compared to many people on the roster. On top of that, we saw your personality reflected with the color red. Red represented your fiery temper (or maybe something to do with Kevin Spacey in American Beauty. I don’t know.) and that temper had you steamroll through the competition.

Unfortunately, this gear preference would not last and you ditched the red shirt for sleeveless undershirts when you partnered up with the Nation of Domination and eventually Los Boricuas™. In many ways, one could compare this to Samson and totally not Hercules getting his hair cut and losing his powers. Compared to your time with the red shirt, this time period was not that great and you would eventually leave the then World Wrestling Federation.

What I want to know is do you think keeping the red shirt would have helped you out or were things destined to go the way of Dean Ambrose’s hairline following your loss to Mabel at King of the Ring 1995?

Oh and did you ever rib fellow BSK member Undertaker about his fear of cucumbers?”

Savio Vega:

“(laughing hysterically) Well, you have come out and put nice stuff on this. The red shirt didn’t help me win or lose. Maybe yes. I don’t know. I have to think of my friend Bret Hart with his pink and black. I don’t know, because Shawn Michaels wore the red pants and it helped him a lot. I don’t know. It was the attitude era. I had my attitude, too. Maybe that had something to do with the push. I don’t know man, but this was funny.

I think what help me lose was my hairline. But I don’t like it. I let the hair grow a little bit and oh my god.

You’re very intelligent to put this all out there. It’s like when you go to Bourbon Street and someone makes a cartoon of you and you took all the good stuff out of me. Maybe if I turned to black and pink that would have helped me out. Bret, I love that guy.

Oh yes, Undertaker hated cucumbers. He absolutely hated them. It was like kryptonite to superman.”

KingMabelGuy asks:

“Hi Savio,

You have had a fantastic career. From your early days establishing yourself as an icon of Puerto Rican wrestling, through to the WWF and promoting asian wrestling as Kwang the Ninja. Before long you obviously established your most succesful and well known persona of Savio Vega, friend to Razor Ramon.

Here you really put carribean wrestling on the map, following on from the legendary Carlos Colon. Later you would join the Nation of Domination before returning to your roots with Los Boricuas before unfortunately leaving the WWF.

What I would like to know is, that throughout that legandary career, was there ever a better moment for you, than being the man to help launch King Mabel into stardom at the 1995 King of the Ring?”

Savio Vega:

“Yeah, that match was supposed to be taken by Scott Hall, Razor Ramon. He was supposed to wrestle to the finals. I don’t know if this would have been for me, I wasn’t supposed to wrestle King of the Ring. But Razor hurt his ribs so Jack Lanza told me I was going to work four times. So I say, “What are we going to do?” And he explained to me what they were going to do and I said, “Let’s do this!”

Nelson (Mabel) he was a great person, rest his soul. He has always been a nice people to me. Last time I saw him was years ago, I don’t even remember where it was, we did a signing autograph and stuff like that and he came all the way over to me and we hugged.

But that night, I hurt myself in the first match with IRS when I took a bump outside. But I never said nothing to nobody and just continued to do my job and did what they told me to do. So I did my work and did all the things they told me. But I remember that night like it was last night. I loved working with all those guys in just one night. I’m happy with that. I’m glad that I helped Nelson, or King Mabel, at that point in his career.”


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