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Crazy Man RANDY SAVAGE Ruins a Cowboy’s Feel-Good Moment at a Waffle House in Nashville

“Butter Knives, Clubs and Police Dogs”

Randy Savage doesn’t give a f*** about your marriage announcement! Just let the man order his food… [Photo courtesy of]

‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage was larger than life. His on-screen OHHH YEAHH‘s and DIG IT‘s were not far off from his persona off-screen. According to Savage’s long-time friend Dutch Mantel (also known as Zeb Colter in WWE), “Randy was a reality show before reality shows were even a thought in anybody’s mind.” After reading today’s story, you’ll have to agree with this!

The italicized excerpts from this story come from Mantel’s first autobiography, The World According to Dutch. You can also catch this story in full on Mantel’s blog.

So let’s set the scene. It was late on a Wednesday night in the late 1970’s and Mantel and Savage had just worked a Nashville house show in front of a sold out crowd. Randy was traveling with Rip Rogers (who was going by the name the Disco Kid at the time) and Randy was hungry, so they did what many professional wrestlers traveling in the south do and pulled into a Waffle House. Waffle Houses are known for being open 24 hours and for their cheap diner food, perfect for someone on the road trying to get a quick bite before going home.

“When you mention cheap, that was exactly in Macho Man’s price range. Randy was noted for his frugality years before Mick Foley made it an art form.”

Savage had a penchant for pinching pennies. He was also not one to mess with once he had his mind set on something. In this particular case, he had his mind set on food. He was hungry, and not even an upbeat regular at the local Waffle House coming in proclaiming the best news of his life was going to take attention away from him ordering his waffle!

Savage and Rip had only been sitting there for a few moments when their waitress came to take their order. While they were giving the waitress their order, a skinny little cowboy type walked through the door and in a loud voice boomed out the news that he had just GOTTEN MARRIED!!! He intended this for the third shift Waffle House staff behind the counter and not for Randy. I heard later that the cowboy was a frequent customer and knew all the Waffle House employees.

The waitresses were elated. They immediately walked away from the table where she had been taking Randy and Rip’s order and gave the cowboy a high five which Macho took as a sign of disrespect. Randy was hungry and he wanted food – not some bullshit happy go lucky story. As all of the waitresses and cooks congratulated the cowboy, in Randy’s mind all that was being accomplished was his food was being delayed. On the surface, it was a feel good happy moment for all of them. All of them…except Savage.

Savage wasn’t very happy. The announcement had interrupted his meal order. Savage wanted a waffle. NOW!!!”

At this point, most people would allow the cowboy to have his moment of basking in the glory of others congratulating him on the exciting news of getting married, but Savage wasn’t like most others. He just wanted to order his night breakfast and nothing was going to get in the way of that.

“Savage had heard what the cowboy said when he entered. As the conversation about the marriage continued, the cowboy said that he was really in love with this girl. Savage, out of nowhere, had to add in his two cents.

Savage said, out loud and to nobody in particular but to everybody that could hear him, [Macho Man voice] ‘Who gives a fuck!’

The conversation in the Waffle House came to a screeching halt.

Everybody heard what Savage had just said…especially the cowboy dude. Everything just stopped for a moment. Waffle Houses aren’t that big to begin with and when Savage made his comment, the cowboy and Savage were only about 15 feet apart.

The skinny little cowboy didn’t like what Savage had said. He looked squarely at Randy and asked, ‘What did you say?’

Savage looked back at the cowboy and repeated what he had first said – not that there was much doubt in what he said – but this time, he slowly oozed the words out just to put more emphasis on them.



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