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‘Punched in the Mouth with a Roll of Quarters’


The Fabulous Rougeau’s and The British Bulldogs, a feud that went beyond the ring [photo courtesy of ringthedamnbell]

In any business, things don’t always go according to plan. The WWF was no exception. Some of the wrestlers just didn’t get along and sometimes feuds wouldn’t get left in the ring. Bad blood backstage led to some tricky situations. One of them involved two wrestlers managed by Jimmy Hart, Jacques and Raymond Rougeau and one of the most beloved tag teams in the business, the British Bulldogs.

The British Bulldogs Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid were well known for their hijinks in and out of their ring. From pulling ribs and practical jokes on fellow wrestlers to being stiff in the ring, they had a tendency to take things too far and cross over from humor into just plain cruelty. Back in early December, we posted a story highlighting this. In that installment, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts recalled the time Dynamite made the corner and got blasted, getting his teeth knocked out. Here is that story in full, as told by ‘The Mouth of the South’, Jimmy Hart!

Jimmy Hart’s autobiography, The Mouth of the South: The Jimmy Hart Story‘, has a lot of great stories wrestling fans will really enjoy reading, including this one. 

“Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid were two of the greatest tricksters in the history of wrestling. When you came back into the locker room after a match, you could never be sure they hadn’t put itching powder into your street clothes. In the middle of winter they might take a pair of scissors to your pants — you’d come back and they’d be laying there like everything was fine, but when you picked them up the legs would fall to the floor. When Jimmy Jack Funk was working the cowboy angle for us, he’d always have to hunt for his hat up in the rafters. They’d do anything for a laugh — padlock your suitcase, cancel your plane reservations, anything.

They double locked Jacques Rougeau’s suitcase one day, and he decided it was time to put an end to their reign of terror. He warned them: “Dynamite,” he’d say,”you keep on messing with me and I promise you something bad’s gonna happen.” Well, sure enough, before a show in Miami Beach, Jacques was minding his own business playing cards in the back, Next thing you know, Dynamite storms in, turns Jacques around and goes off on him. He really beat him up, busting Jacques’ nose wide open.

Dynamite’s story was that Jacques had gone to Pat Patterson, who was a WWF booker, former superstar, and Vince’s second in command, and that Pat had gone to Vince: ultimately, Vince laid down the law, telling the Bulldogs they had to stop playing their pranks. In Dynamite’s eyes, Jacques was a stoolie. I honestly don’t know if that’s the way it happened or not — Dynamite might have just decided he hated Jacques, and the attack may have been unprovoked.

After that, Jacques, being very proud, said, “You know what, Jimmy? I swear I won’t get mad, not now, but somewhere down the line, I will get even.”

For the next month, each and every day, Jacques planned his revenge. In his hotel room, he’d take a mattress off the bed and practice. He’d seem relaxed, and then all of a sudden he would hit the thing — like he was sucker punching somebody. He knew he’d only get the one punch with the Dynamite Kid. Tom Billington was that tough.

In the meantime, the Bulldogs ignored whatever dressing-down they may have received and kept ribbing everyone, playing pranks. Their reign of terror intensified. And locker room morale plummeted, with all the boys living in fear. Finally, Vince called for a serious meeting. He intended to address the problem and was going to tell the boys that fun was fun, but that things had gotten out of hand. That the last thing we needed was our guys really fighting. Before Vince’s meeting, Jacques and Raymond were sitting beside the podium where Mean Gene Okerlund did his announcing and interviews. I said, “Hey, Jacques, hey Ray, Vince wants everyone to get together now.”

Jacques said, “Jimmy, we’re not going to go to the meeting. But we just want to tell you — thanks for everything you’ve done for us. You’ve been so wonderful to us, and we love you very much, but if you don’t see us anymore, well, we just wanted to make sure you knew that. You’re one of the few people who’s always been there for us.”

Of course, I didn’t know what to make of what he’d just told me. But it wasn’t long before I understood his cryptic words of thanks. Rougeau didn’t want me to be involved, didn’t want me to know anything about what he was about to do.

Later, while I was with the Honky Tonk Man, doing an interview at the other end of the building, people started running by, yelling as they passed: “Oh, my God, you won’t believe it! Jacques Rougeau just beat up Dynamite Kid.”

It happened like this: Jacques had waited for his moment, patiently, by the dining room door. And when Dynamite finally emerged from lunch, he nailed him with a brutal, well-rehearsed sucker punch. And then he kept on hitting him. Eventually, Raymond pulled Jacques back, saying, “That’s enough. That’s enough.”

Both of them had their bags packed. They just got in their car and left.

Three weeks later, Vince had a private meeting with Jacques and Raymond and Dynamite and Davey Boy about working everything out for the good of the company. He told them they’d have to work together, or not work at all. And with that, things did work out okay. Not long after that, most of the boys were involved in a big battle royale; the match was booked in a way that would leave the Dynamite Kid and Jacques Rougeau to face one another in the end. They were forced to work together. And they both acted professionally. There were no more confrontations.”


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    Bad news Brown covered this story very well in his shoot interview, it’s very hotly debated about what started it, but one thing everyone mentions is Pat Patterson screaming like a woman when it happened lol. and I mean everyone.

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