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Gary Hart on JERRY JARRETT: “The Bastard Child of an Inbred Hillbilly Family”


‘My Life in Wrestling’, one of professional wrestling’s most elite autobiographies. But good luck finding it!

If you are looking for the finest book ever written on professional wrestling, a book that holds nothing back and comes from one of the greatest minds ever to step foot inside the squared circle, then ‘Playboy’ Gary Hart’s autobiography ‘My Life In Wrestling…With A Little Help From My Friends‘ might be the one for you. The book clocks in at just over 400 pages using small text and hosts a wealth of knowledge of the inner workings of pro wrestling, from the booking of matches to the pairing of wrestlers, to assigning managers to talent, to running a territory and much, much more.

The only obstacle preventing you from reading this book is the steep price tag that comes along with it as it is currently out of print. Most online retailers have it going for no less than $400 (£265), making it quite difficult to get your hands on. From time to time, it shows up on eBay, but users are lucky to snatch it up for anything less than $100. Despite many efforts, the book has yet to be republished, but fear not, Pro Wrestling Stories is here to give you a glimpse inside what many in and outside of the business revere as the most in-depth book you will ever read on professional wrestling.

To quote Michael Jackson from his Amazon book review, “Gary Hart takes you behind the scenes of pro wrestling during his time in the business from the 1960’s through the mid-1990’s, then has a final chapter giving his opinion on the state of pro wrestling today. You learn so much about what it takes to book and produce a wrestling show, how to manage your talent, and more importantly, you learn how a man can enter a business filled with locker room politicians and backstabbers and never compromise his morals or who he is as a character. Gary Hart’s humanity is what makes this such a great read, he never goes out of his way to bury anyone, and the few people he does have harsh words for he states his case clearly for why he believes his opinion on them to be justified. Vince McMahon should require every member of his current writing team, along with all of his agents, producers, and wrestlers to read this book.”

Gary Hart may no longer be with us, having died following a heart attack in 2008, but his words live on. Over the next few installments, I will be posting my favorite excerpts from his book.

We start off our first installment of the ‘Playboy’ Gary Hart Series with a bang! Usually humble and incredibly complimentary towards the people who played a role in his life in wrestling, Hart did not hold back when it applied to Jerry Jarrett. Jerry is the father of Jeff Jarrett and former operator of Mid-Southern Wrestling, the Continental Wrestling Association, the United States Wrestling Association, World Class Championship Wrestling and, most recently, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Read on to learn what Gary Hart had to say about Jarrett. Brace yourself, he holds nothing back!


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