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Published on June 18th, 2016 | by Pro Wrestling Stories


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As Told By His Brother, Jonny

Part 3: Redemption Before Death

Author: J. Zarka, admin@prowrestlingstories.com (@pws_official)


Chris Candido (March 21, 1972 – April 28, 2005)

Over the past few weeks, it has been a privilege to be sharing the life of the late, great Chris Candido through the words of his younger brother, Jonny. Through our three-part series, ‘The Chris Candido Story’, we have been on an emotional rollercoaster, coming to know the highs– learning the passion and dedication Chris held towards his sport from such an early age, the lows– drug abuse and a battle with depression stemming from a rocky relationship with Tammy Sytch (also known as Sunny from her days in then-WWF), and all of the craziness in-between.

In a fitting series send-off, we take a close look at how Chris pulled himself up from the wreckage of drug abuse, a broken relationship, and a professional lull to pull his life together. He knew that things were not going well so he found a remedy for it, finding the same hunger and passion he felt at a young age along the way. It was through this newfound passion that Chris spent the best few months of life, before experiencing an ill-fated injury in the ring which ultimately led to his death.

This is our conclusion to the story of Chris Candido, as told by his brother, Jonny.

JONNY CANDIDO: “There’s something about the band KISS. All of the wrestlers love that band for some reason.


A young Chris Candido, aka Gene Simmons [All photos courtesy of Jonny Candido’s Twitter page, unless otherwise noted]

[When Chris was a kid], he would draw KISS and the Grateful Dead. He was a big KISS fan and a big Grateful Dead fan. He would go to Grateful Dead shows in high school and I actually went to a couple of KISS show with him, as well. Me, Chris and Jim Cornette once went to a KISS show together.


A plaque on a bench dedicated to the memory of Chris Candido on Spring Lake beach, New Jersey.

On the beach where my brother once worked is a bench with a plaque on it dedicated to him. Ironically, one day I found Peter Chris, the drummer from KISS, sitting on it. So I went up to him and told him all about my brother and how big of a fan he was of his band. Here KISS was Chris’s favorite band and out of all the places their drummer could have sat on the beach, he sat there. It was really something.”


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