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Published on June 4th, 2016 | by Pro Wrestling Stories


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As Told By His Brother, Jonny

Part 1: The Beginnings

Author: J. Zarka, admin@prowrestlingstories.com


When I got a follow on Twitter (@pws_official) from Jonny Candido (@Candido118) back in January, I found myself browsing through his page, admiring the commitment he displayed towards keeping the memory of his brother Chris alive. It did not take long for me to realize that Jonny was the type of person who wears his heart on his sleeves. Here is someone who lost his older brother back in 2005, someone who he clearly looked up to and adored.

We soon struck up a conversation, first via DM, then on the phone. Immediately, I was taken to his openness. With the recent turmoil caused by Chris’s girlfriend Tammy Sytch (also known as Sunny in then-WWF) on social media, plus the fresh pain of losing close friends Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney, Jonny understandably had a lot on his mind. It wasn’t long before he was giving me the blow-by-blow details of many of the behind the scenes stories of his life.

We had four conversations in total, one in January and three more over the span of this week. What Jonny attempts to do here in this series of interviews is put together a true and honest account of his brother Chris. We are merely the vessel that conveys these stories to the world. In our talks, Jonny shares tales from Chris’s beginnings, he tells the stories of his own experiences in the pro wrestling industry, he talks meeting and wrestling many of wrestling’s legends, he shares the downfall and retribution of his brother’s struggle with drug abuse and depression, and of course, he gives his take on the sordid, toxic relationship between Chris and Tammy, leaving no detail left in the dust. Every rumor was addressed and no page was left unturned.

This is the story of Chris Candido, as told by his brother, Jonny. Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride!


Jonny from a young age idolized his older brother Chris and wanted to follow in his footsteps. [All photos courtesy of Jonny Candido’s Twitter page, unless otherwise noted]

PRO WRESTLING STORIES: “It’s great to be talking to former NWA Midwest Heavyweight Champion and two-time NWS Hardcore Champion, the younger brother of Smoky Mountain, ECW, WWF, WCW and TNA great, Chris Candido. Jonny, thank you for taking the time to talk with Pro Wrestling Stories.”

JONNY CANDIDO: “Of course, I love doing this stuff, man.”

PWS: “Let’s start from the beginning. Tell me about family life. What was it like growing up in the Candido household?”

JC: “To be honest, family life was the greatest thing ever. I had the ideal family. We grew up across the street from the beach, so we were always there. My brother Chris from day one was my idol. Practically all he did was lift weights and wrestle.

For the two of us, playing was: lifting weights, wrestling, doing all that in the backyard, going to the beach and catching some waves. It was pretty much ideal, man, growing up in our house.

I have so many funny stories of us growing up. You know, your website is called Pro Wrestling Stories, one that sticks out is me and my brother used to have Muta Mist Wars. Do you remember the Great Muta? He used to spit the green mist. I’d be little, maybe four or five years old, walking around the house and my brother would jump out from the corner and woosh, he’d catch me with the Muta Mist!

It was the day of my little sister’s baptism, I had my tux on and I walked up to his room to go show him how nice I looked, and the second I opened the door? Woosh! He spits green mist all over my suit. Immediately he goes, ‘Oh my God! Mom and dad are going to kill me!’

So he grabs me, picks me up, runs with me to the garage, washes it off with cleanser, Clorox or whatever, and I’m good to go.

A couple of days later, he’s in high school at this point, I’m like, ‘Alright, I’m going to get him back…’

I get a chair, I climb up to the spice cabinet, I get the food coloring and I put it in my mouth. He used to show me how to do it. ‘Just put two little bits in your mouth and spit it like this!’ I took the food coloring and dumped the blue and the green into my mouth. I ran upstairs, pushed open his door and there was this girl in bed with him. They were fooling around. I kicked the door open, I see both of their heads pop out from under the covers and I run over and just… woosh! I spit it out.

Some of it gets on him, but pretty much all of it gets on her and I just dash out of the room and he chases me and catches me on the porch and then beats the crap out of me. We used to always love telling this story about the Muta Mist.

Growing up with my brother was the best. It was really awesome.


The only job Chris had besides wrestling was making sure this beach in Spring Lake, New Jersey stayed clean

The only other job my brother had aside from being a pro wrestler was being a locker boy at the beach. He used to work over at the beach across from my house, sweeping out the lockers. It was actually pretty much doing nothing. Me, my mom, my sisters and friends would all be there and we just pretty much hung out all of the time. It was a really ideal time to be growing up.”


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