Animal Mascots in Pro Wrestling: Cruel & Unfortunate Stories
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Published on May 28th, 2016 | by Pro Wrestling Stories


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Animal Mascots in Pro Wrestling – The Stories Behind Them and the Often Cruel and Unfortunate Things That Happened to Them Once the Cameras Stopped Rolling


Jake Roberts made a name for himself in the professional wrestling world by taking his snake Damien to the ring with him [Photo courtesy of]

Professional Wrestling is a form of entertainment that has always edged on the carny side of things. From its incarnation in the late 1800’s, variety strongmen, morbidly obese men, giants, little men, comedy acts, strange acts, and everything in between stimulated our curiosity as a spectator and have been a part of the show we all know and love. As a pro wrestler, getting over your gimmick, or character, to a grander audience is a process requiring a lot of tweaking to find the right formula that works. For some, one key ingredient is incorporating an animal mascot. From Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts to Koko B. Ware, animals have infused a certain feeling that goes along with the wrestler to help them stand out from the rest.

Let’s take a look at some of the animals that have graced our television screens over the years. What were the stories behind them and what eventually happened to these animals once the cameras stopped rolling?

We start off today’s installment by taking a look at Frankie, Koko B Ware’s beloved bird. Why did B Ware start using him as part of his act and what tragedy eventually befell the iconic bird?



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