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Published on April 25th, 2017 | by Greg Phillips


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12 Must-Subscribe Wrestling Podcasts

From Wrestlers to Lifelong Fans, It’s the Golden Age of Podcasting

Author: Greg Phillips  /  Editors: J Zarka & Bobby Mathews

Chris Jericho is at the forefront of the Golden Age of wrestling podcasts. His twice-weekly “Talk is Jericho” is one of the top 100 most-downloaded podcasts worldwide. [Photo courtesy of The Inquisitr]

If you’re a professional wrestling fan with an Internet connection, odds are you’re aware of the current boom in wrestling-themed podcasts. From legends of the squared circle to active wrestlers to former writers and even mainstream journalists, it seems everyone under the sun has an outlet to air their opinions on the industry.

Years ago, insider newsletters and videotaped “shoot interviews” with former stars were the only ways fans could learn about the behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing that went on in the business. Today, with so many podcasts (many of them free), it’s easier than ever to hear about the backstage grudges, trials and tribulations that wrestling’s biggest stars have endured.

Likewise, it’s never been easier for fans to hear other perspectives and learn about other styles of wrestling. Whether you’re a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment, New Japan Pro Wrestling, the vast array of independent promotions around the world or even defunct promotions such as World Championship Wrestling or Extreme Championship Wrestling, there’s a podcast out there that caters to your interests.

Still, with such a glut of options, it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. In the following pages, we’ll list some options, in no particular order, that are guaranteed to deliver a return on your time investment.

The Steve Austin Show

Photo courtesy Podcast One.

Coming your way twice a week from 3:16 Gimmick Street, this prominent podcast paved the path followed by countless legendary wrestlers, some of whom have endured and others of whom failed in their endeavors. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin drops a family-friendly episode every Tuesday, featuring a combination of interviews with a variety of guests and Austin’s own down-home stories about his life.

If your ears aren’t sensitive, the real attraction comes with Austin’s “Unleashed” podcast on Thursdays, though. Free from censorship, Austin unloads on everything from “P.E.D.-using rats” to Urban Dictionary entries. And, of course, there are the interviews, where Austin and his guests chat freely and pepper the show with an array of colorful language.

The secret weapon of this podcast, which can be found via Podcast One on iTunes and a variety of other outlets, is Austin’s unparalleled knowledge of nuance inside the squared circle. Austin’s episodes breaking down his classic battles with The Rock and Kurt Angle are among the best wrestling podcasts ever recorded.

Talk is Jericho

Photo courtesy of Podcast One.

When it comes to interviews, nobody in the world of wrestling podcasts does it better than WWE superstar Chris Jericho. The multi-talented entertainer has shockingly proven to be just as adept at conducting interviews as he has been at wrestling and entertaining. Despite a busy wrestling and music touring schedule, Jericho has never missed an episode, dropping new shows twice a week.

Jericho’s show stands out for its custom theme song (performed by Jericho himself), its remarkable consistency, a loose and humorous style and, as mentioned, the best interviews you’ll find in the business. Somehow, Jericho always manages to coax his guests into letting their guards down and talking as if they’re in a bar with a friend rather than on a podcast being broadcast to millions.

And it’s not just wrestlers who get featured. Jericho also interviews actors, comedians, musicians and other entertainers. Standout interview subjects include Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and comedian Dana Carvey. Regardless the guest, Jericho always produces an entertaining show.

The Ross Report

Photo courtesy of Podcast One.

The voice of a generation of wrestling fans, “Good Ol’ JR” Jim Ross brings his folksy stylings to Podcast One weekly, interviewing a multitude of guests and providing sharp, incisive analysis of the industry. Ross, who has been wrestling’s foremost play-by-play announcer for most of his 40-plus years in the business, also had a lengthy run as head of WWE’s talent relations, along with behind-the-scenes roles in WCW and Mid-South Wrestling, giving him more respect and credibility than just about any other pro wrestling insider.

Despite his years of success within the field, Ross considers himself a fan first and foremost, and that comes through in his weekly broadcasts. A regular highlight is his “What’s On My Mind” segment, in which he runs through the week’s news and notes, giving his own (sometimes attitudinal) takes on the matters. Even when critical of aspects of the genre, his love shines through. And, along the way, listeners get to meet a special array of guests via his impersonations of legendary figures like Terry Funk and Jim Barnett. Some might say this is the most entertaining podcast out there.


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  • Guy who comments on things

    solomonster, pwtorch, wrestling soup. Even DTKC show are better than ALL of these.

    • Pro Wrestling Stories [mod]

      The beauty of opinion! Hit us up ( with a sentence or two on each podcast and we’ll happily add them to the list.

  • James Bolton

    Sam Roberts? The Taz Show?

    • Pro Wrestling Stories [mod]

      Both very good podcasts, to be fair. Notable missing entrants also include The Jim Cornette Experience, the Lapsed Fan, etc. So many podcasts could and should be on this list. We included the ones we listen to and enjoy the most. Feel free to shoot us ( a quick sentence or two on Sam Roberts and Taz Show and we’ll happily add them in!

  • Jørn Andersen

    Very good list. How about the E and C’s Pod of Awesomeness. Hosted by Edge and Christian. Great podcast which is worth it. Goldberg, Shane McMahon, The Revival, Young Bucks and more have appeared. But there’s even more. Tommy Dreamer appears with ‘tales from the indies’ talking about Indy Wrestling stories. Edge and Christian share stories (find out when Edge’s shirt was stolen) and listeners get to call in. This happens every week Seriously worth it and it’s all free.

  • Luke’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Channel on YT

    I like Solomonster Sounds Off, Wrestling Soup & Gerweck Report Podcast.

    All 3 don’t hold back and give their exact thoughts on what happens. They are not safe zone yes men like many out there.

    They even give their own suggestions on what they would do to to improve the show or story line, how they would book matches and results, aftermaths.

    on quite a few occasions whenever they say something WWE does in fact copy their suggestions or does something similar to what they said and uses those ideas on the shows.

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