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  1. Bret Hart Blasts “Phony Hero.” ULTIMATE WARRIOR for Avoiding a Make-A-Wish Kid on His Dying Wish
  2. OWEN HART’s Death: What Really Happened, From Those Who Were There
  3. ‘Brothers Living Dangerously’ – KEVIN VON ERICH on Being the Last of the ‘Flying’ Von Erich Brothers Left Alive
  4. Rick Martel on the Murder of DINO BRAVO
  5. DRUGS IN WRESTLING: ‘The Truth About Steroids And The Destructive Lifestyles Of Wrestlers On The Road’. As discussed by Hulk Hogan, Sherri Martel, Lex Luger, Ultimate Warrior, The Rock and more…
  6. ‘Good Guy, Dr. JOHN CENA’ – How John Saved a Marriage in Alaska and the Time When His Drinking Prowess Surpassed That of Chris Jericho’s
  7. RANDY AND LIZ – The True Tragic Story Behind Wrestling’s Greatest Fairytale
  8. The Story of VINCE McMAHON Getting Shit-Faced Drunk on a Crazy Night Out Prior to the Expansion of Drug Testing
  9. ANDRE THE GIANT, “The Eighth Wonder of the World” – His Very Best Stories!
  10. ‘The Common Man for the Common Folk’ – The American Dream, DUSTY RHODES
  11. “What Sunny Wants, Sunny Gets…” – The Sad, Sordid Eyewitness Testimonies of the Relationship Between SUNNY (Tammy Sytch) and SKIP (Chris Candido)
  12. THE UNDERTAKER: Revealed! Pull Back the Curtain on the Often Veiled, Highly Respected, Longest Tenured WWE Legend
  13. BRET HART on the Controversy Behind Dropping the Belt to HULK HOGAN via Yokozuna at Wrestlemania 9 and Hogan’s Flat-Out Refusal to Put Him over in a Match
  14. ‘The Missing Ear & Eye Edition!’ – How MICK FOLEY Lost His Ear and How VADER’s Eye Popped Out During a Match
  15. “The Bad Guy Series’ (Part 1) – SCOTT HALL On His Dolls, Not Being A ‘Mark’ And ‘The Hitman’ BRET HART’s ‘Shrine’ To Himself
  16. ‘The Bad Guy Series’ (Part 2) – SCOTT HALL On Administering Some ‘Rough Justice’ To MARTY JANNETTY
  17. JIM CORNETTE on Triple H, The Curtain Call, Stephanie and Nepotism in the WWE
  18. CHRIS JERICHO On How To Drink Like A Wrestler, The Drunken Four Horsemen, Whiskey Gargling and Other Bar Tricks
  19. THE ROCK on His Match with ‘STONE COLD’ STEVE AUSTIN at Wrestlemania XV – The Lead-Up, the Day Itself and the Celebration Afterward
  20. ‘The King of Ribs’ OWEN HART – Stories of Heart, Humor, and Humility
  21. YOKOZUNA- Larger Than Life
  22. The End of WCW and the Final Monday Nitro
  23. The Failure That Was BRAWL FOR ALL
  24. ‘PLANES, PILLS and SPINNING DICKS’ – The Exclusive Inside Story of WWE’s “PLANE RIDE FROM HELL!”
  25. LISA MARIE VARON: Breaking Her Nose and Breaking Entrance Doors! Former WWE Women’s Champion VICTORIA Opens up about Her Hardcore Match against Trish Stratus, The Current WWE Locker Room, CM Punk, and more!
  26. ‘The Art of Wrestling Before Ego’ – A Comprehensive Look at Dustin Runnels, the Man Behind the Paint of GOLDUST
  27. “You Can Imitate, But You Can’t Duplicate!” – The FOUR HORSEMEN…as Remembered by the Original Lineup, in Their Own Words
  28. STEVE BLACKMAN: ‘Taking Names and Taking on Life’ – Backstage Fights with Big Show and JBL, Plus How ‘The Lethal Weapon’ Beat a Life-Threatening Bout of Malaria and Suicidal Thoughts
  29. BROCK LESNAR, KURT ANGLE & Others Talk about the Spectacular Botch That Nearly Plunged Wrestlemania XIX into Tragedy
  30. JACK DANIELS & LIQUID COURAGE: The Time Kofi Kingston Challenged Vince McMahon To A Fight After A 4-Hour JD-infused Private Jet Journey
  31. OLE ANDERSON Tells a Story of the Time a Worker Put a Gun to the Back of His Head
  32. RIC FLAIR on Internet ‘Smarks’
  33. HAKU: Tales of Wrestling’s Toughest S.O.B. Stories from Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Jake Roberts, Bobby Heenan, Eric Bischoff and more
  34. HULK HOGAN’s Shocking Heel Turn at Bash at the Beach ’96 – Plus the Fate of the Fan Who Tried to Take Matters into His Own Hands by Stepping into the Ring with the nWo. “Thank You. It Was Fun Stomping on Your Face!”
  35. “BARE-ASS NAKED ON THE HIGHWAY:” The Limousine Ridin’, Jet Flyin’, Kiss Stealin’, Wheelin’ Dealin’ Son of a Gun – RIC FLAIR. WOOOO!!
  36. WAR OF WORDS! – RIC FLAIR and BRET HART Each Explain Why the Other Is: “Not the Legend He’s Cracked up to Be!”
  37. “You know wrestling is fake, right?” – KAYFABE in Professional Wrestling
  38. Ribs and Practical Jokes- The Lighter Side of Life on the Road as a Wrestler (Over 20 stories!)
  39. BRUISER BRODY – A Detailed Look at his Murder and Influence on Professional Wrestling
  40. “Rise, Fall and Redemption” – A Pro Wrestling Stories Exclusive Interview with Del ‘THE PATRIOT’ Wilkes
  41. “Are We There Yet?” Wrestling Stories from the Road: The Good, the Bad and the Bizarre!
  42. “Bret, I’m fooked!” The True Story Behind the Greatest SummerSlam Match of All Time
  43. ‘Playboy’ Gary Hart Series [Vol. 1]: JERRY JARRETT, “The Bastard Child of an Inbred Hillbilly Family”
  44. ‘Playboy’ Gary Hart Series [Vol. 2]: Dick Murdoch & Dusty Rhodes- The Daisy Duke-Wearin’ Outlaws!
  45. ‘Playboy’ Gary Hart Series [Vol. 3]: The American Dream’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Revival
  46. THE BIG SHOW- Your Gentle, Genial Giant
  47. SAVIO VEGA Day is Upon Us! His Best Matches – The AMA Pre-show
  48. “The world needs to know about SAVIO VEGA!” – PWS presents THE Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ session
  49. “Shoe Thieves, Wisecracks, and Catcalls.” – A Day in the Life of the WCW Traveling Circus in Europe
  50. “Officer, He’s Got a Gun on Him!” – JAMES STORM Shares a Story of the Time He Ribbed RHYNO
  51. OWEN HART’s Final Moments with His Family – “One Last Night Together”
  52. The Best and Worst of WCW’s HALLOWEEN HAVOC
  53. STEVE AUSTIN and SHAWN MICHAELS Discuss What Happened Behind-the-Scenes of Their Wrestlemania 14 Main Event Match
  54. HORNSWOGGLE: The Backstage Bully!
  55. The Tragic Tale on How PERRY SATURN’s Life Went Downhill After Heroically Stopping a Rape
  56. HARLEY RACE: The Man Who Can Break Your Hand with Just His Handshake
  57. “Poor, Matilda.” THE BRITISH BULLDOGS – The Locker Room’s Cruelest Bullies
  58. ‘THE KLIQ RULES (with an Iron Fist)’ – Tales of Their Stranglehold on the WWE Locker Room
  59. How a Crazed Fan Tried to Shoot BOBBY ‘THE BRAIN’ HEENAN during a Match in 1975. Killed One, Wounded Five.
  60. The Botch That Almost Left STEVE AUSTIN with a Broken Neck. AUSTIN and OWEN HART Each Tell Their Version of What Went Wrong.
  61. ‘Blood Galore’ – The Crazy, Brutal Scissor Fight Between SID VICIOUS and ARN ANDERSON
  62. The Time JACQUES ROUGEAU Knocked Out DYNAMITE KID’s Teeth with a Roll of Quarters!
  63. BRET HART: Revealed! A Feel-Good Tell-All on Man Who Wore Black and Pink
  64. “The Man Was Incorrigible!” MR. FUJI: The Devious, Legendary Ribber
  65. ‘Exposing Taints To The Sun’ – DANIEL BRYAN Shares Stories about His Absurd Friendship with KANE & How He Once Ribbed the Locker Room Leader
  66. ‘Robbed of Gold by a Ring Rope’ – The Story of How THE ROCKERS Never Won the Tag Team Championship, Despite Beating THE HART FOUNDATION for the Belts on Saturday Night’s Main Event
  67. ‘Victory Rolls & Fire in the Holes’ – FARTS, The Unfortunate Byproduct of Taking Bumps in the Ring
  68. JEFF JARRETT Holds WWE Hostage and CHYNA, the Ninth Wonder of the World
  69. “Butter Knives, Clubs and Police Dogs” – Crazy Man RANDY SAVAGE Ruins a Cowboy’s Feel-Good Moment at a Waffle House in Nashville
  70. ‘Never Fall Asleep on a Flight!’ – KEVIN NASH Shoots on Traveling Overseas, the Implied Reason Why SAVIO VEGA was Let Go From WWE in 1998, Yokozuna’s Ass, No-Selling Undertaker, Popping Pills Like Candy and Much More
  71. SAVIO VEGA Shoots Back at KEVIN NASH on His Claim that an Airplane Prank was the Reason Savio Was Let Go From the WWF back in the 90’s
  72. ANIMALS IN PRO WRESTLING: What Happened Once the Cameras Stopped Rolling?
  73. ‘STONE COLD’ STEVE AUSTIN Reacts to CHYNA’s Death, Reminisces and Talks about How She Should Have Gone into the Hall of Fame While She Was Alive
  74. The CHRIS CANDIDO Story – As Told By His Brother, Jonny [Part 1/3: The Beginnings]
  75. The CHRIS CANDIDO Story – As Told By His Brother, Jonny [Part 2/3: Drugs, Deception & Betrayal]
  76. The CHRIS CANDIDO Story – As Told By His Brother, Jonny [Part 3/3: Redemption Before Death]
  77. RICKY STEAMBOAT: The Difference between Working RIC FLAIR and RANDY SAVAGE
  78. UNDERTAKER and MICK FOLEY Talk about Their Legendary Hell in a Cell Match
  79. ‘The Beast and His Advocate’ – The Inseparable Bond Between BROCK LESNAR and PAUL HEYMAN
  80. ‘Two Decades of Sexual Chocolate’ – MARK HENRY: From Olympic Powerlifter to the Ring
  81. “If Those Walls Could Talk” – The Story of THE SPORTATORIUM
  82. STING: ‘Coming to the Land of the Giants’ – How the Greatest Wrestler Never to Have Performed for the Company Made his Unlikely Journey to the WWE
  83. The Day EDDIE GUERRERO Won Gold (…And Lied, Cheated, and Stole His Way into Our Hearts)
  84. The HART FAMILY versus SHAWN MICHAELS and his Three Knights, Plus The Controversy Seldom Talked About from 1993
  85. The Greatest Match of All Time – SHAWN MICHAELS vs. UNDERTAKER – “One To Go Out On”
  86. Twists of Fate: Two Plane Crashes That Changed The Wrestling World Forever
  87. DUSTY RHODES on the Mystery of His Disappearing Ring Gear
  88. TERRY TAYLOR Shares His Thoughts on Today’s Wrestling Audience
  89. “You’re Fired!” – DONALD TRUMP’s Contribution to the World of WWE
  90. VINCE McMAHON: To Approach, or Not To Approach- That is the Question.
  91. “Beer, Chairs, and Liquor Bottles- Oh My!” The Time Fans Rioted at a 1997 WWF House Show
  92. The Story of “TERRIBLE TED” The Wrestling Bear
  93. Kurt Angle: STRONG – A Exclusive Interview
  94. DANIEL BRYAN and THE MIZ: Too Good To Ignore
  95. A Ghost Story: How a Long-forgotten Territory Still Haunts WWE
  96. A Wrestler’s Journey: Quotes that Pull on the Heartstrings
  97. Misfortunes and Miracle: Chuck Austin, Darren Drozdov, and Tyson Kidd
  98. Mauro Ranallo, JBL, and the Culture of Bullying in WWE
  99. Pieces of History: An Appreciation of Wrestling Title Belts
  100. Strange Bedfellows: Politics, a Playground for Ex-Wrestlers
  101. From Wrestlers to Lifelong Fans, It’s the Golden Age of Podcasting – 12 Must-Subscribe Wrestling Podcasts
  102. Stealing the Territory: How RON GARVIN and BOB ROOP Led a Rebellion
  103. A Love Story Gone Wrong: JUSTIN ROBERTS Dishes On WWE Experience
  104. Unstoppable: THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS Defined Tag-Team Greatness
  105. Meet the Man Who Trained the Undertaker: Don Jardine, the Spoiler
  106. Deviants: Wrestlers Jailed for Sex Crimes
  107. The Top 10 Wrestling Books (and 5 you should skip)
  108. The Road Warriors: The Back Story Behind Their Formation and TV Debut
  109. They Called Him The Crippler: The Life and Death of Chris Benoit


  1. “Rise, Fall and Redemption” – Del ‘the Patriot’ Wilkes
  2. “The World Needs to Know About SAVIO VEGA!” – PWS Presents: THE Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ Session
  3. SAVIO VEGA Shoots Back at Kevin Nash on His Claim that an Airplane Prank was the Reason Why Savio Was Let Go From the WWF back in the 90’s
  4. The CHRIS CANDIDO Story – As Told By His Brother, Jonny. Part 1/3: The Beginnings
  5. The CHRIS CANDIDO Story – As Told By His Brother, Jonny. Part 2/3: Drugs, Deception & Betrayal
  6. The CHRIS CANDIDO Story – As Told By His Brother, Jonny. Part 3/3: Redemption Before Death
  7. Kurt Angle: STRONG – A Exclusive Interview
  8. A Ghost Story: How a Long-forgotten Territory Still Haunts WWE (Interviews with Scott Armstrong, Tom Prichard, Rip Rogers, and Adrian Street)
  9. Pieces of History: An Appreciation of Wrestling Title Belts (Interview with Dave Millican)
  10. A Love Story Gone Wrong: JUSTIN ROBERTS Dishes On WWE Experience


  1. Dolph Ziggler Cashes In!
  2. Daniel Bryan Turns on the Wyatt Family
  3. DDP Debuts In WWE
  4. Tazz Comes To WWE
  5. Stone Cold STEVE AUSTIN Stuns The Alliance
  6. Goldberg Takes Down Hollywood
  7. The Phenomenal One AJ STYLES Debuts
  8. Sami Zayn Answers John Cena’s Challenge
  9. Enzo and Cass Take Brooklyn
  10. The Beast BROCK LESNAR Returns!
  11. A Brawl Among Champions

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